Case study: how EPFL MoT drastically improved its alumni relations with the right tool

A case study on how the EPFL MoT Alumni Association launched its dedicated app and succeeded in improving its alumni relations.

MoT Alumni logo.

Our collaboration with the Alumni Association of the EPFL Management of Technology program (MoT for friends) started about a year ago.

The association board was looking for a solution to better engage with the alumni, but at the same time, was wary of using yet another communication channel. Who could blame them?

But at the same time, social media and emailing were not pulling it off. The board truly believed in their alumni community and knew how beneficial it could be to all alumni, should they be able to improve engagement and increase their numbers.

It is also important to mention how both Tilo Peters and Olivier Courvoisier, the Executive Director and Program Coordinator respectively, played an important role too. They knew very well that the alumni were key to the reputation and success of their program and were eager to support the association in obtaining the right tools to strengthen the community.

The app has proven to be an effective platform for strengthening ties with the Alumni Association as well as facilitating communication amongst the alumni. These are key success factors for both the MoT EMBA program as well as the MoT Alumni Association.

Tilo Peters
Executive Director
MoT Program

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Minsh sponsoring the FeverBee SPRINT Conference

Community managers need their own community - and their own communication tool too.

Minsh sitting next to Salesforce as a sponsor of the FeverBee SPRINT conference. Sweet.

In October 2014, I was very lucky to find myself in San Francisco, attending one of the most interesting conferences out there for community managers: FeverBee SPRINT. Unfortunately, in November 2015, when the second american edition took place, work kept me from going there.

But still. I really wanted to contribute in some way and be able to take part, even from afar.

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