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Your Mobile App.
It's a mobile app customized with your brand,
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your private social network.

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1. Messaging
Your app features a real-time messaging system. Members can share info, ask questions, post pictures, like, and add comments.
2. Calendar
Update your app's calendar with your next events, instantly notify your whole community about them, and have your members RSVP directly in-app.
3. Member Directory
The directory allows you to know which members are nearby, search for specific people, and access their detailed profile page.
4. And So Much More
Your Minsh App also features:
  • In-app content curation
  • Limited, admin-verified member access
  • Twitter-style @mention system
  • Personal profile page
  • Invitation system
  • Private messaging (Q1 2015)
  • Groups (Q2 2015)
  • LinkedIn integration (Q2 2015)


Push Notifications
Reach your community directly in their pocket: you notify all your members when posting a message or creating an event in the app.
Your Brand On the App Stores
Your app with your own brand is released on all 3 major App Stores. Never let your members find empty results when looking up your brand ever again.
Community Privacy
You are in total control of who's allowed to join your app and how tightly access is restricted. All the user-generated content in the app belongs to you.
Member Engagement
Your app creates a stronger and more lasting bond with your community, beyond anything mainstream social media can offer.
Whether they change their address, email or even name, as long as your members have your app, you're able to reach them anytime.



Special Early Adopter Offer!

1. Initial setup:
$999 FREE!
App bundling on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
Meta Data
Creation of app meta data for initial app store submission
Initial submission to Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Phone Store
Promotion and Support
Support and advice for 30 days immediately after release to help the staff promote the app and get members on board.
starting at $1,990 annually
$1,990 annually,
FREE upcoming features!
New Features
All upcoming features will be delivered to your app for FREE!
At least quarterly submission of updates on all 3 app stores (including new features, improvements, bug fixes, security updates)
Compliance with all iOS 7+, Android 4+ and Windows Phone 8+ operating systems
Developer License
Bearing of the app stores' Developer license fees
Backend hosting on Amazon Web Services
Server maintenance and security updates
Data backup every 24 hours
Technical support by phone and email during office hours

Feedback From Our Clients

"Over the past years, I have seen my subscribers’ email open rate drastically drop. Thanks to Minsh, I now have a direct communication channel with the most loyal of my 60,000+ followers."
Mukund Mohan
Director at Microsoft Ventures
Blogger, Serial Entrepreneur
"It’s important for us to be present on all social media. Having our own app is like being one step ahead of everybody else. I especially appreciate that our Facebook content is automatically pushed in the app."
Anju Edgar
Head of Communications
swissnex India
"Thanks to Minsh, many of our community members now use our mobile app to communicate and get together. We have seen the engagement grow organically and our startups love it."
Prasanna Krishnamoorthy
CTO in Residence
Microsoft Ventures India
"I wanted something faster and more reliable than emails to reach my community of expats in India. With my app, I can now notify anyone instantly in their pocket."
Ema Trinidad
Founder and CEO
ExpatLife India
"Thanks to the app, I only need 30 seconds to notify the accelerator alumni community about upcoming events. This is a wonderful tool to instantly broadcast information to members."
Prathibha Sastry
Head of Operations
Microsoft Ventures India

Feedback From Community Members

"As one of the early adopters, I was amazed to see people signing in and engaging more and more in the app... to the point where there is now something interesting happening on a daily basis."
Venkatesh Seshadri
Founder, CEO, Flatpebble
"I love to post pictures and news about what's happening at the accelerator right now. And I guess the alumni like it too, judging from the number of replies and likes I get!"
Nikhil Soman
CEO, Playblazer
"Although I'm not posting often myself, I really enjoy reading the other members' shouts and getting to know what's happening at Microsoft Ventures. I readily open the app every time I get a push-notification."
Aditya Bandi
Co-founder, CEO, Bookpad
"Being based in Hyderabad, it has been difficult for me to stay in touch with the staff at Microsoft Ventures and the other startups. With the app, I feel much more involved in the community and informed about the latest news. It's been a wonderful experience so far."
Jasminder Singh Gulati
Co-founder, CEO, Nowfloats
Not convinced yet? Check out our Microsoft Ventures case study!


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Frequently Asked Questions

What's The Advantage Over Newsletters?

Over the past year, the open rate of emails has tremendously declined: people receive too many emails, some are redirected in Gmail's promotion tab or worse: in the SPAM folder.
With your own private mobile app you can instantly notify each member of your community in their pocket wherever they are. And best of all: they can immediately take action in the app.

I Already Have a Facebook Page and Twitter Account. Why Do I Need it?

Facebook and Twitter are an excellent starting point, but more often than not, your posts are drowned in the users' streams of data.
With a custom mobile app, you make sure members get notified immediately whenever you post something. Also, a custom app drastically increases member engagement: they feel like they belong, it's their own private community app.

Can I Not Simply Create a Group in WhatsApp Instead?

A WhatsApp group allows you to discuss with your community. But it's restricted to real-time messaging, the number of users is limited, you have to manually add members, and last but not least, there is no way to prove your group's authenticity among homonyms.
With your custom community app, you can discuss in real-time, but also organize events, gather feedback, and learn about members around you. Also, there are no restrictions: you manage the content of your community app the way you want.

What's the difference with Slack?

Slack is a wonderful app for project management. If you have a team looking for a collaboration tool to share documents, build a knowledge base, in short: get some work done, go for it. Minsh on the other hand, is a private social network. It helps you communicate more easily with your community, share and discuss, keep members informed about upcoming events. Also, let's not forget that Minsh is a white-label solution: it's your own app, your own data, and your own brand on the app stores.

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