Instantly message
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One tool for all communications

  • Message a person or group
  • Send push notifications
  • Announce your events
  • Email your members
Your branded instant messaging app
private messaging app

One tool for all communications

Your branded instant messaging app   
  • Message a person or group
  • Send push notifications
  • Announce your events
  • Email your members
private messaging app
It's the best community app we've ever had
at FounderCon.
David Cohen
Co-Founder of Techstars
Managing Director in Boulder
Your community app features a real-time messaging system. Communication has never been so easy: ask questions, post pictures, like, comment and send private messages.
group messaging app
Your private messaging app also includes a calendar. Notify your members about your next events, and let them RSVP, add them to their mobile calendar, and even rate them afterwards.
private messaging app
Member directory
The directory allows you to know which members are nearby, search for specific people, and access their detailed profile.
community app
Optional 5th tab
A fifth tab is available to integrate the feature of your choice, depending on the special needs of your community: listings, sponsors, promotions, links, or even your own web app. More info
private messaging app
And so much more

Your group messaging app also features:

Push notifications
Automatically notify all your members when you post a message or create an event.
Private messaging
Let your members have private discussions with you and each other.
Easy moderation and admin
Delete any content or user directly from the app, and manage your data from your web-based dashboard.
Restricted access
Only authorized people can access the content.
Calendar sync
Let your app automatically sync with your Outlook or Google calendar.
Premium features
Groups, analytics, community management support, you name it! Check our pricing page for more details.


  • Your Brand On the App Stores
  • Higher Member Engagement
  • Community Privacy
  • Reach them Anywhere Anytime
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