1 year at Minsh India

Remy Binias was our intern for 12 months. He shares here with us his personal experience of his year in India and working with Minsh.

Remy spent 1 year in India and it changed his life.

When I landed in India, it was my first time in Asia. I was supposed to stay for only 6 months to perform my end of studies internship, as a student of ESC Amiens. The final internship was mandatory for the graduation. I chose Minsh because I wanted to delve into a team of engineers, learn more about programming, along with staying in an international environment.

I will always remember my first impression, when my cab started entering into Bangalore. I really enjoyed the crowd and all these green spaces; even in the city center it was: trees everywhere. I knew that Bangalore was well known as “the Silicon Valley of India” but I didn’t know it was also known as “the garden city of India”. The day after I landed was my first day of work. I met Barbara and Jon for the first time face to face, we spent some time to discover each other and to discuss about the objectives of the internship. Barbara and Jon are really good managers; they know how to make an internship really interesting. what I really liked was the autonomy and the freedom I had all along my experience at Minsh. As Marketing Lead, I was responsible for growing the sales of the company, and I had free rein to develop anything I wanted so as to reach this goal. I was feeling very involved in the company’s development, and more than a simple intern. This experience turned into a collaboration process with the purpose of growing Minsh. What I really enjoyed during this experience is also the engineering skills of the team and the technically-oriented culture of the start-up. All along my internship, Barbara and Jon were teaching me all the important rules of programing, and were a very good support in the development of my programing skills.

But it’s difficult to speak about Minsh without mentioning India. Personally, it was a life experience. India is an amazing country, so big that even one year is not enough to see everything, not counting that the cost of life as well as the transportation is helping to do many trips. Bangalore itself is an amazing city; it’s a marketplace made to host a youngster’s life with pubs, clubs and restaurants everywhere… Living in India involves also meeting people, making friends, many friends that I will never forget and with whom I shared many good moments and I hope many more.

Now you can easily understand that after my first 6 months internship I wasn’t able to leave India. That’s why with the agreements of Jon and Barbara, we decided to extend my contract for 6 months more after my graduation. Now my year in India is over. I hope Minsh will maintain its growth, and will find motivated and inspired people to join the team. I’ll always remain very grateful to Jon, Barbara, and all my friends for this amazing experience that changed my life.