A seamless integration with EPFL Inno Park's web services

This is a very nice illustration of how you can get more out of your Minsh App, thanks to its RESTful API.

EIP resources presented in a fifth tab.

EPFL Innovation Park (EIP for friends) is a tech park in Lausanne, Switzerland, where startups and larger companies can rent office space to benefit from its hub of industries and proximity to EPFL.

Among other benefits, EIP companies get an exclusive access to their community app: to receive important communications from EIP, but also to help and share with each other.

A few months after their community app was launched, EIP worked on a series of additional web-based tools to make life easier in the Park: room booking facilities, shared parking spaces, etc.

But how could EIP ensure that access to these tools would be restricted to people in the Park?

Minsh API chart.

Thanks to the Minsh API, it was very quick and easy to integrate a login system that would use the same credentials as their community app for all the services.

To make the web services usage even easier, a custom fifth tab was recently introduced into the EIP community App, linking to all the web services available.

Links to thirdparty webservices are seamless.

Thanks to a fruitful collaboration, tapping on any resource from the Minsh App immediately allows the user to access the service without even having to login again.

If you’re interested in building thirdparty tools connecting to your Minsh Apps, check out our Documentation here and contact us!