Find members relevant to you

Now you can search for members that are really interesting for you and get in touch with them. All that directly from your app.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a recent update we have done with the Minsh App.

The problem

Lots of our clients had the same problem. When you have a large community, you have lots of members, and most of these members don’t really know each other.

So if the community manager has to take care of introducing people to each other, it takes forever.

The solution

We’ve been thinking a lot about this problem at Minsh and we’ve come up with a solution that is directly integrated into our app.

First of all, we have much improved the profile of each member. Let’s have a look at my profile page.

Profile page

You can see the design has changed a bit, but most importantly, we’ve added lots of new fields. Full name, short biography, skills, specific interests, city where you’re staying, company url, phone number, and so on and so forth.

So now what is really interesting is that if all your members fill their profile with what they’re into and where they are from and all that jazz, then you can use this awesome new feature: the member search.

Member search

Let’s search for instance for Bangalore. And ha! You can see who is staying in Bangalore or mentioned Bangalore somewhere in their profile.

Search for instance for Bangalore

In conclusion, with this solution, you’ll be able to search for members and to really find the people that are interesting for you and get in touch with them.find