Minsh sponsoring the FeverBee SPRINT Conference

Community managers need their own community - and their own communication tool too.

Minsh sitting next to Salesforce as a sponsor of the FeverBee SPRINT conference. Sweet.

In October 2014, I was very lucky to find myself in San Francisco, attending one of the most interesting conferences out there for community managers: FeverBee SPRINT. Unfortunately, in November 2015, when the second american edition took place, work kept me from going there.

But still. I really wanted to contribute in some way and be able to take part, even from afar.

Sponsoring the FeverBee SPRINT conference - with an App

That’s when it hit me. After the success of the Techstars FounderCon App, our very first conference app, I thought: what if we could contribute to the FeverBee SPRINT conference by providing them with their own conference app?

Richard Millington, the founding father of FeverBee and our most beloved expert in community management was happy to partner with us and try out Minsh.

FeverBee took care of promoting their app, we took care of making sure it would run smoothly.

Good Promotion, Good Tool, Good Crowd

Already 3 days before the conference, the number of people on the app started to drastically grow. Members started looking up the program, exchanging messages of excitement about the upcoming conference, and engagement organically grew without much effort from the organizers.

But of course, that’s what you’d expect from a community of community managers, wouldn’t you?

Messages of excitement being exchanged in the community.

Overall, before, during and after the 2-day conference, people used the app to look up the program, but most importantly, they exchanged a high number of messages. Members asked questions, shared tips, and got in touch with the speakers and each other using private messages.

A high number of messages were exchanged before during and after the conference.

In a nutshell, 135 members signed up, and the app gathered over 260 shouts, and over 110 ratings and reviews of the conference sessions.


It was a friendly and fruitful collaboration between FeverBee and Minsh. The conference delighted the attendees, and we were able to contribute in our own way.

Great conference. Happy to have contributed.