Minsh Newsletter 7

Groups on Minsh Apps have just become awesome 😎

Dear all,

I have some good news: a new release of your app with amazing benefits for you and your users is happening as we speak.

As of now, it’s only on the web version of your app, because I’d like you to have a look before we go full throttle on Android and iOS. Go ahead and have a look at your web app.

Here are the updates in a nutshell:

1) Easily discuss in groups and in private

The chat area has been entirely re-designed so that group and private discussions are super intuitive: select a group or person, see the discussion history, and post new messages!

new chat area

Why don’t you already create a few interest groups to pique your users’ curiosity and start new discussions? Go to your web app.

2) Which group(s) does he belong to?

Sometimes, you need to know which groups “John Smith” belongs to. Simply visit John’s profile, and scroll to the bottom. Sweet!

John Smith's groups are listed in his profile

When a user shares a link on the app, you can now see what it is about without having to explore it: a preview is displayed with the shared resource’s picture, title and summary:

link preview

What’s next?

Do you sometimes need to get your users’ feedback? And maybe looking for something lighter than a SurveyMonkey link sent by email?

You’ll be happy to know that polls are coming next in your app!
No more on this, I don’t want to spoil the beans. BUT if you’re curious and want to learn more, let me know and I’ll share some mockups in exchange for your feedback ;-)


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