Minsh Newsletter 8

Christmas presents from Minsh 🎁

Dear all,

Have you ever wished your Minsh app would support chatbots and send welcoming messages to your new users? Read on!

But before we let you open your Christmas presents, there have been some important changes at Minsh that I need to talk to you about.

The Ugly Facts

A few months back, Apple announced they would enforce new rules to prevent spam and clone apps on the App Store. At that time, we were not quite sure what they were referring to nor how they would enforce this.

More recently, in September, Apple implemented these rules and started to systematically refuse the submission of “new apps based on templates”.

In other words, an app built out of a mould can only be published once, and the mould should be broken afterwards. No other similar app can be built from that same mould.

More info in this article published on TechCrunch on Dec.8, 2017.

The Bad Consequences

For our current clients? Do not worry about your app! It is safe and available on the App Store. We keep maintaining it and we keep updating it just like before, since Apple is only enforcing this rule with new apps.

For Minsh? Although Apple’s decision makes sense, with reference to the many developers who have spammed and abused the App Store over the past years, this has dire consequences for honest app builders like Minsh. We are launching a different pricing model where Minsh apps are only published if:
a) our clients have their own developer license to publish apps under their own name, or
b) our clients require custom developments which indeed, make their app completely unique.
Again: for our current clients, there is nothing to worry about. Your pricing is not changing, and the way we update your app remains the same.

The Good News

This drastic change has been an opportunity for my team and I to review our positioning, our goals and how we see the future. We are now entering a new era where Minsh opens up to developing custom features for you or even custom apps.

That doesn’t prevent us from improving the app as it is! Here are our latest updates:

  • Interact with a chatbot
    Minsh has now the infrastructure to support the development of chatbots. If you’re interested in getting your own chatbot, contact us!

  • Let new users feel welcome within minutes [Premium/Enterprise]
    We can now set up your app to automatically send a welcome message to new users within 5 minutes of signing up.

  • Get the latest iPhoneX for Christmas
    You can now safely ask Santa for the latest iPhoneX: your app has been updated to support the iPhoneX and its particular screen configuration and requirements.

I’m always happy to get your feedback and hear your thoughts. Please, feel free to email me anytime by replying to this email.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2018!

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