The fastest messaging app in History

Have you ever wondered how teams in crazy fast car races communicate? I did too.

Minsh App used as a messaging system for teams in a car race.

It was July 14th 2015 early morning when Jacquie Groom, Sporting Director at SRO Motorsports Group found herself in quite a difficult situation. She needed a messaging app for the upcoming Blancpain GT Series so that participating teams and race officials could quickly communicate with each other.

That morning, her supplier let her down with the race happening only 10 days later!

I was in such a state of panic! I needed a solution and fast.
I stumbled upon a reference to Minsh in a blog post, checked their website, and immediately contacted them.

Jacquie and I had a quick chat over the phone, discussed the particulars, and voilà!

In a few hours, everything was settled with Minsh. I couldn’t believe it, but this was going to happen.

The very next day, the Blancpain GT Series Messaging System App was submitted to the iOS App Store, and was already available on the web and Android phones and tablets.

By the time the race started on July 24th 2015, we were all very excited to see how it would work out for the teams. Conversations started flowing through the app - I was watching carefully, making sure everything was working fine - and although I was super happy to see so many messages showing up, I couldn’t understand a single word they were typing. Motorsports professionals it seems, have their own jargon.

Bottom line: everything worked like a charm! As Jacquie wrote to me:

It’s all gone really well and the teams seem to like the App, so I hope we’ll be using it again […] Thank you for all your help on a real ‘rush job’ which worked out for the best.

Looks like there are many more ways to use Minsh than I had imagined. Awesome collaboration, thank you Jacquie for opening up our mindsets!