What is this all about?

So, what is this “Minsh app” all about?

It started in summer 2012. We were a tiny team of javascript developers, and we wanted to meet more like-minded developers. After noticing there were no javascript meetups in Bangalore… Wait, did you just say no javascript meetups in Bangalore? In a city of 8 million inhabitants (and growing), with about 50% of the population being an engineer? Ok something was very wrong there.

Early version of BangaloreJS app
Early version of BangaloreJS app

So we started BangaloreJS: a monthly meetup, completely free, where developers could meet, discuss and present their latest hacks.

And the response was unbelievable. We started getting more and more attendees, to a point 1 year later where we didn’t need to do much anymore! Community members were spontaneously offering to give a talk, or find a venue, or even sponsor lunch for the famished geeks at the end of the meetups. It was amazing.

But we were missing something. With a community so alive and kicking, we wanted to keep the water boiling even between meetups.

Also, as a company our sole activity at that time was to offer consulting services to help startups develop their web apps. It was fun and all, but we really really reaaaaaally wanted to start a project of our own.

This is how the idea of creating a community app sparkled in our brains. Imagine if we could have our very own private social network app where every members is instantly reachable from a mobile app? A branded BangaloreJS app?

Challenge accepted!