How do the groups work

The group feature allows you to segregate your community into subsets based on the members’ interests, location, or any other criterion, and target specific members when posting content.

As an admin, you can always view all the groups in your app by visiting the “Home” tab. The default group “Everybody” encompasses all the users in your app. That’s the group you want to select when you need to broadcast important announcements to everyone.

Home tab

For normal users, the possible actions and list of groups displayed differ depending on your app configuration:

Type 1: Hidden groups

With this configuration, users cannot see groups unless they are part of them. It means they cannot view other people’s groups, nor their content or members.

For instance, imagine that Yann creates a “FUSSBALL FANS” group and adds Jon and Jennifer in his group. Barbara, who is not part of the group, is not able to view the group, its members, or any content they post in “FUSSBALL FANS”. She basically doesn’t even know that the group exists.

Note: an admin however can always see the list of all groups, even if she’s not part of them.

Type 2: Visible groups with restricted access

With this configuration, a normal user can see the list of all the groups, and who are in those groups, even if she’s not part of them. However, she cannot see the content posted in a group unless she’s part of it. If the user sees a group that looks interesting, she can ask to join the group. In that case, the group owner receives an email asking to accept or reject the request. The group’s content remains invisible to the user unless the admin grants her access.

Type 3: Visible groups with open access

With this configuration, the behavior of groups is the same as in Type 2, except that joining a group is only a click away: no approval from the group owner is required.

Who can create groups

Additionally to the 3 types of groups presented above, the app can also be configured so that only admins can create new groups. Otherwise, it is possible to leave the group creation option open for everyone.


Groups are really powerful and can be configured according to the needs of each community. You can learn how to create, edit or delete a group here.

If you have feedback or questions, just get in touch with us or post a comment below!