What can I do with the optional custom page

An additional page is available to integrate the feature of your choice, depending of the special needs of your community.


If your members need to have an easy access to important documents, it’s possible to store them all in the additional page. The app can be configured to allow all users to upload documents, or to restrict uploading rights to admins. Documents can be published for everyone to see, or in a specific group. If you have many documents, it’s also possible to enable a search input at the top of the page.

Document library,


The listings page allows admins and/or users to post announcements or ads for a specific group, or for everyone.


Sponsors or promotions

With this page, the admins can easily feature their sponsors, along with their contact details. They can also use the page to share with the community special promotions from partners. Again, the creator of each element can choose to add it to a specific group, or to make it visible to the entire community.

promotions or sponsors,


The resources or links page allows admins to share a series of static links with the entire community.

This functionality is not dynamic: if you’re interested in using it, we’ll ask you for the pictures and associated links you want to share, and we’ll take care of setting up this page for you.


Web view

Another possibility is for you to integrate a URL of your choice. Contact us if you’d like to integrate your own page, and a member of the Minsh team will help you set this up.


Are you interested, or have you any questions? Feel free to contact us anytime!