What are the features of the admin dashboard

The Admin dashboard allows you to manage your members, messages and events.

As an admin, you can access the dashboard from the web version of your app: just click on the small “chart” icon below the phone frame.

Access the dashboard by clicking on the chart icon below the phone frame

A new window opens and provides you access to all the admin features.


The “Users” tab allows you to access the list of all your members and their details. You can then:

  • search for any user and view all their information,
  • grant / deny access to members,
  • manage users’ admin rights,
  • manager users’ access to virtual spaces,
  • export the data in CSV format,
  • terminate users.
Manage users from the admin dashboard

Messages / Shouts

The “Messages” or “Shouts” tab has 2 main functionalities.

1. Scheduler

The scheduler allows you to prepare messages in advance to be posted later on a date and at a time of your choice. When preparing a new message, you can:

  • write its content,
  • optionally add an image or attach another document type,
  • choose when it will be posted in the future,
  • select in which group it will be posted.

The list of messages ready to be sent is listed in the table at the bottom. A message can be deleted up until the time it is posted.

Prepare messages beforehand and post them at the time of your choosing
2. Exporter

It is possible to export all the group discussions in CSV format from this tab. However, this feature is not enabled by default. If you require it, please contact us and we will take the necessary measures to enable it.


The “Events” tab allows you to see all events (past and future) and their details. You can then:

  • search for any event and view all its information, including a summary of its ratings,
  • order the list based on any field,
  • filter the list to display only past or future events,
  • export the data in CSV format,
  • extract the list of emails of all the attendees who RSVP’d,
View all past and future events along with their attendees and ratings


If you have a bot running on your app, you can export all the interactions that happened between your users and that bot from the “Bots” tab.

Export the interactions between your bots and your users

Virtual Spaces

Virtual spaces allow you to distribute users who have nothing to do with each other into completely separate groups. It’s like running several apps into one: a user in a specific virtual space cannot see any user or content from other virtual spaces.

If you have virtual spaces enabled in your app, you can manage them from your admin dashboard: add a virtual space, delete it, and see its users.

Manage virtual spaces from your admin dashboard