Community Building

3 steps to create your community management strategy (3/3)

Share your content as much as possible

In my previous posts (step 1: define your goal, step 2: find your target audience), we saw how to define a goal, identify your target audience, and feed relevant content to them.

Last but not least, your content needs to be spread, shared, and liked. Here’s how to achieve it.

Step 3: Share your content

Every time you publish content, your main objective is to get as many views as possible. And thus, share it with as many people as possible.

First of all, exploit social media: share it on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, but also think about other very powerful platforms like Slideshare,, or Buffer. If you have original pictures, share them on Flickr, Instagram, or Pinterest!

Don’t limit yourself to social media. There are also many other efficient ways to share content. For instance, think about your own members! After all, they are interested in your topic and they must certainly know other people who are alike and would love your content too. Asking your own members to share your content is also an excellent way to obtain new members in your community.

Finally, try to think out of the box: most probably, your content is not so limitative that it only interests you and your community; some other communities may be interested too. Many blogs are certainly looking for content like yours to entertain their audience, and guest posting is very popular nowadays. So, do not hesitate to contact other blog-owners in your area and let them know about your latest publication.

This is the last part of our blog post series on building a community management strategy. Feel free to check out the 2 previous steps on defining your goal, and finding your target audience (step 1, step 2).