How to link your Facebook page with your Minsh app

Learn how to configure your Facebook page button so that users are redirected to your Minsh app.

If you’re looking for a solution to automatically publish your Facebook posts in your app, refer to our article on How to sync the app with social media channels.

Are you the proud owner of a Facebook page? You have a great opportunity to promote your app directly from there, using the call to action button.

If you follow the steps detailed below, whenever a user clicks or taps on the button, she will either:

  1. reach a web page with the links to the app stores to download your app if she’s on a desktop computer;

  2. reach her mobile’s app store directly on your app’s download page if she’s on mobile and doesn’t have your app installed yet:

  3. open your app if she’s on a mobile and has installed your app.

Steps to follow to configure your Facebook page button

  1. Click on the “Add a Button” button at the bottom-right of your cover picture. If you had previously configured another call to action, it’s possible the button will appear as a drop-down in which you will have to select “Edit button”.

    Add a Button
  2. In Step 1, select the option: “Download your app or play your game”, then select: “Use App”. Click “Next”.

    Download your app or play your game
  3. In Step 2, select “Website Link”, and enter the URL of the web version of your Minsh App, followed by “/launch.html”. If you’re not sure about the URL you should enter, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you out. Click on “Save”.

    Enter your web app link followed by launch.html
  4. Click on “Finish”, and you’re done!