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Community Building

4 reasons webinars are a wonderful online tool for community building

webinars are a wonderfull tool for community building

The Power Of Online Engagement

Online marketing has been here for ages and there have been different approaches suggested everytime. Some calculate their brand strength by counting their Facebook likes and Twitter followers and some others by how many visits they have had on their websites. However, what seems to make more sense is the number of people talking to the brand. Sharing their feedback, asking for solutions, giving suggestions are so much more productive for every brand.

What are the differences between Minsh and Slack?

Minsh vs Slack

Slack and Minsh are two team communication tools. Where Slack is the world-famous app that everyone talks about, Minsh is its silent, white-labelled competitor. The truth is: you may have used Minsh in the past without even knowing it. In this article, we take a deeper look at the main differences between the two platforms, and help you assess which one suits your project best.

3 sure shot ways to generate impressive online engagement for your offline events

generate impressive online engagement

We all know that building a community is not easy. The more difficult part though, is to keep its members from losing interest. Be it online or be it offline, it’s important that the conversations do not stop. While there are multiple ways of online community management, one of the very underutilized ways is having community events. And yes, we did tie-up Online Community Management and Offline Events here. Let’s see how that works.

3 different types of community platforms

3 different types of community platforms

Nowadays, business needs are evolving, and competition is more and more dense, which leads many companies to rethink their communication strategy.
Also, for the past two years, the lack of access to data and communication inefficiency on social networks are becoming real issues. As a result, many companies and communities have left social networks to get their own solution. Hence, the number of community platforms on the market is currently exploding, and more and more innovative solutions are offered.

Why does a brand need its own customer community platform?


Reasons to Avoid Building a Brand on Social Media

When building a brand, people should resist basing a customer community on conventional social media networks. While many companies are doing so these days, and many companies are even being encouraged to do so, it ultimately isn’t going to be a strategy that will work for businesses universally. On social media networks, the information is free and available to everyone, and it certainly doesn’t belong to the business. They have very little control over it.

Face the challenges of membership management


Managing an association involves a lot of responsibilities on an administrative, managerial, and financial level. But most importantly, membership management is essential to guarantee the success of your association. If we look at the 2015 membership marketing trends, we notice that 23% of the membership renewals were related to “Networking with the others of the field”. On the other hand, the top reason for not renewing a membership was due to “the lack of engagement with the organisation” for 38% of the members.