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Community Building

3 steps to create your community management strategy (1/3)

Building and engaging a community is certainly one of the best ways to grow your business

When you are running a business, there’s a high chance that your target market is using social media. After all, today about 31% of the population is active on a social network or another, and the average duration of a single connection in France is of 80 minutes per day (Source:We Are Social Singapore). No wonder that most web marketers run community management campaigns on social media!

About face: how facebook drove us away

Dave Pilcher, VP of Sales and Marketing at Freeport Press explains why they decided to kiss Facebook goodbye.

Two weeks ago we made the decision to delete our Facebook presence. Unlike some companies that have left the social network in a huff, we aren’t angry. We aren’t bitter or resentful. No angst.

Facebook: sorry were CLOSED

Mobile community platforms: the new kid on the block

I recently read an article about upgrading from a mailing list server (or listserv) to an online community platform. In the article, they explain that a listserv used to be the “new kid on the block”, but today, there are much more powerful online tools to engage a community. Not that online community platforms can entirely replace emails. But they definitely are complementary.

Although I found this article interesting, I believe it should have been published 2 years ago. No, online community platforms are not the new kids on the block anymore. They’ve been here for a while, and they’re getting old. If we look at the usual product life cycle graph, I’d say that online platforms have already reached the maturity stage. 

Online platforms have already reached the maturity stage

Will mobile communities replace online communities?

Everything is going mobile. Look at people in the metro, at home, on the beach, at work, jogging in the park, in the bathroom… They’re all stuck with their phones in their hands.

Everything is going mobile

What about communities? Are they going mobile? Should they? Will they replace online communities entirely?

The hardship of community managers

I recently read an interesting blog post about how Community managers’ salaries are all over the place and it made me think: what is the value of a community manager?

There are 2 important points that I would like to discuss here:

1) Community management is undervalued. As stated in the post, community managers are often not considered and rewarded as much as they should be. A good community manager can make a huge difference in a corporation, whether it is to build a stronger relationship with its clients or to spread awareness. Your brand can only truly affect people’s lives if the community behind it is strong and thriving. And that’s a full time job. And that’s why you need a community manager.