How to import new members into my app

Make user onboarding simpler by automatically generating user accounts

If you have a list of members you’d like to have on your app, it’s possible to pre-create user accounts for them. Each of them then individually receives an email with the links to download your app, along with their login details.

This approach has several advantages:

  1. You know for sure that your member directory is complete and reliable, indexing all of your members.
  2. You can use the app to send emails to all your members. Even if some members haven’t downloaded the app or logged in yet, they do receive emails when you send them private messages, mention them, or broadcast #important messages on your app.
  3. Your members don’t have to sign up, they don’t have to verify their email address, and you don’t have to grant them access into the app.

We explain below the steps to pre-create accounts for your users.

Download our template file

In order to onboard your members, all we need from you is an Excel or CSV file with the details of your members. You can download a template here to structure your data properly: Excel or CSV

Enter compulsory fields

As you can see in the examples provided in the template, each row represents one of your members. There are 2 required fields:

  • full name
  • email address
Full name and email address are comulsory fields

Please note that each user requires a unique email address. If we find several rows with the same email address, only 1 user is created and the others are ignored. Similarly, if a user with the same email address already exists in your app, we skip the row entirely.

Provide admin rights

If you need several of these people to have admin rights, add an extra “admin” column and input a “yes” in the row corresponding to the user needing these rights. Please, note that the number of admins are limited in some of our plans.

Add an admin column to specify who gets admin rights

Add columns for groups

Similarly to the admin rights, we can also automatically add your newly created users in specific existing groups: add 1 column per group and mention a “yes” in the row that corresponds to the user you want to add in that group. In the example below, we’ve added 2 columns for the groups “Staff” and “Board”. As you can see, Barbara will be added to both groups, since there is a “yes” in both columns on her row. However, the user Jonathan will only be added to the group “Board”, since there’s a “no” on his row in the column “Staff”. Please, note that adding “no”s are not necessary, as no input is interpreted as a “no” by default.

Add a column for each group

Optionally enter additional fields

If you want to provide more information about your members so that it appears in their profile on the app, add one column for each additional field. In the example below, we’ve added a column for “City”.

Add a column for each optional field and fill out each user's data

Send us your Excel file by email

Just email us your final Excel or CSV file and we’ll take care of processing your request.

Your members get an email

Your members will receive an email with the links to download your app, as well as their username and password.

Template of email received by users with newly created account

What do the app weekly usage reports contain

As soon as your app has over 15 users, we start sending you weekly activity reports to help you track the activity in your app and see how active your users are.

weekly app usage report

Unique active users

This number tells you how many unique users have been active on your app over the past week (Mon-Sun) and the previous week. By “unique users”, we mean that we count a user only once in a week, even though that user may be returning several times to your app. A user is considered “active” as soon as he or she opens the app, even if they do not like or post anything on it.


If last week, Lisa has been on your app every single day posting messages, while George was on your app only on Tuesday to read the calendar and Fred visited your app on Wednesday and liked some content on Saturday, your total count of active users over the whole week is of 3 - 1 for Lisa, 1 for George, 1 for Fred.

Verified users

This number tells you how many new users signed up on your app over the last week (Mon-Sun) and the previous week. We do not take into account:

  • new users that haven’t verified their email ID,
  • new users that are pending for an admin’s approval, or
  • new users that have been denied access by an admin.

The total number (mentioned between brackets) represents the current total number of verified users in your app since the very beginning.


This number tells you how many messages have been published on your app over the last week (Mon-Sun) and the previous week. This number includes:

  • public messages, visible by all your users,
  • messages posted in a group, and
  • comments to either of the above.

This number does not include private messages.

The total number (mentioned between brackets) represents the current total number of such messages posted since the very beginning.

Note: messages that you directly or indirectly delete (e.g. by deleting a user) may alter the numbers from one report to the next one.

Private messages

This number tells you how many private messages have been exchanged in your app over the last week (Mon-Sun) and the previous week. This number includes:

  • private messages sent to 1 or several recipients (using @mentions), and
  • replies to private messages.

The total number (mentioned between brackets) represents the current total number of such messages posted since the very beginning.


This number tells you how many users liked a post (see the Messages section above) over the last week (Mon-Sun) and the previous week.

The total number (mentioned between brackets) represents the current total number of likes your app content gathered since the very beginning.

Most liked messages

In this section, we display a maximum of 3 messages, all posted over the last week (Mon-Sun), which have gathered the highest number of likes. If no messages were posted, or no likes gathered, the section is not displayed.


Do you have other ideas? Looking for something you can’t find in the report? Let us know! We’re constantly improving these reports so that you can extract the most relevant information to you.

Need more people from your organization to receive the weekly reports? Contact us to get and update the list of recipients.

Where does your logo appear and where is Minsh mentioned

Minsh ONLY provides completely white-labelled apps.

In other words:

  • there is no Minsh logo anywhere in your app,
  • the web version of your app is published on your own domain name,
  • your own domain name is used for all transactional emails sent from the app: “
  • the app is published on the app stores with your own developer accounts (we can help you obtain them),
  • new users signing up have to agree to your own Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Feel free to send us an email if you have any queries!

What can I do with the optional custom page

An additional page is available to integrate the feature of your choice, depending of the special needs of your community.


If your members need to have an easy access to important documents, it’s possible to store them all in the additional page. The app can be configured to allow all users to upload documents, or to restrict uploading rights to admins. Documents can be published for everyone to see, or in a specific group. If you have many documents, it’s also possible to enable a search input at the top of the page.

Document library,


The listings page allows admins and/or users to post announcements or ads for a specific group, or for everyone.


Sponsors or promotions

With this page, the admins can easily feature their sponsors, along with their contact details. They can also use the page to share with the community special promotions from partners. Again, the creator of each element can choose to add it to a specific group, or to make it visible to the entire community.

promotions or sponsors,


The resources or links page allows admins to share a series of static links with the entire community.

This functionality is not dynamic: if you’re interested in using it, we’ll ask you for the pictures and associated links you want to share, and we’ll take care of setting up this page for you.


Web view

Another possibility is for you to integrate a URL of your choice. Contact us if you’d like to integrate your own page, and a member of the Minsh team will help you set this up.


Are you interested, or have you any questions? Feel free to contact us anytime!

Can the app be synced with social media channels

As an admin of your app, content generation can be painful, as you’re already working on original content for Facebook or Twitter. To make your life simpler, we currently have integrations for Facebook pages and Twitter accounts.

Facebook page

If your organisation has a Facebook page, we can connect it to your app, so that whenever you post an update on the page, it is automatically posted into your app as well.

Facebook posts automatically pushed as messages in your app.

Twitter account

If you’re more of a Twitterer than a Facebooker, we can also connect your Twitter account to your app account. This way, any of your tweets is automatically posted into your app.

Tweets automatically pushed as messages in your app.

How to get the integration done

If you want to connect your Facebook page and/or Twitter account to your app, just contact us and we’ll get it done for you!

Calendar integration

It is also possible to sync the app’s calendar with your won calendar to avoid having to create new events manually in the app. Mor info about this here.

Other integrations

If you’re looking for any other social media integrations, please, contact us.

How to delete a member?

If you are an admin, there are two ways for you to delete a member: from the app or from your admin dashboard. Warning! There is no going back, so think twice before you delete a member!

Use the app

Here are the steps to follow in order to delete a user directly with the app:

  • Find the member you’re looking for (either use the search box in the member directory or find a message created by that person).
  • Tap on the member’s name or picture; you will then reach that member’s profile page.
  • If you’re an admin, under the profile picture, you can see a “terminate” button. Tap on that button and confirm.
  • The member and all associated posted content are deleted forever.
Delete a member directly from the app

Use the admin dashboard

Users can also be managed from your online admin dashboard:

  • Open your admin dashboard.
  • Navigate to the “Users” tab if you’re not already there.
  • Use the search box at the top right or scroll down to find the person you want to delete.
  • Scroll all the way to the right and delete the user by clicking on the “Terminate” button.
Delete a member from the admin dashboard